VII Mundial de Capoeira Maculele

em Londrina, Parana- Brasil! Esperamos voces galera!

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Mundial Maculelê 2017. This event will be jam packed with lots of high level capoeiristas, lots of workshops, dance workshops, Rodas, Jogos Mundiais Abertos, Batizados, parties & great food!

Make sure to register to save your spot at the Mundial Maculelê starting Wednesday, July 19-23! Capoeira Maculele wants to invite you to the 7th Annual World Games of Capoeira in July 2017 in Londrina, Parana- Brazil.

Let’s go together to this trip to Brazil and represent your city on the Jogos Mundiais Maculele Abertos (Capoeira World Games). This is the biggest event, attending a lot of people around the world, it is a whole week of workshops with amazing capoeiristas, Rodas, Formatura, Parties, this is an opportunity to get to know a place where capoeira was born and experience an unique cultural exchange


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4.6 star hotel from Thursday-Sunday, Breakfast, Lunch, All workshops, Angola workshop, Event t-shirt, Jogos Mundiais Abertos 2017, Parties (Saturday night and Brazilian BBQ on Sunday) & Mundial Maculele 2016 will offer two English speakers to show you around Londrina!

Plano Gunga
Plano Gunga

10 things to love about Brazil


Without a doubt, the best part about Brazil is that the people are extremely friendly and welcoming

Tons of fruits

That you can’t find anywhere else- Brazil has the largest variety of fruits of any country in the world and you’re going to experience a bunch of new flavors. Some of my favorites are cashew fruit and acerola


Is always beans and rice plus something else- It’s not common in other parts of south America. But in Brazil, it’s a staple, and you haven’t had a real meal if you didn’t include rice and beans.


Brazilians are by far some of the most hospitable people in the world. They will often go out of their way to help you.


In Brazil, a friend of a friend is your friend. People in Brazil are very remarkably kind right from the moment you meet them


( Really good before capoeira): a candy made from peanuts and sugar. Can’t stop eating them until they’re gone

Caldo de cana

Sugar cane juice. Great after capoeira!!!


This stuff is just the best. I can eat more acai once I’m full, yes, it’s that good


Lots and lots of barzinhos in Londrina. These are like bars that are open onto the street and have outdoor tables. It’s great place to enjoy a beer and check out what’s going on in the town


Get the opportunity to meet, train and play with world renowned capoeira mestres, mestrandos and professores

Any country you visit or live in will have differences to what we’re used to at home. But it’s still important to get out of your bubble, experience other places and cultures. So, let’s all enjoy spending time with friends/family and having fun at the Mundial Maculele 2017.

Get out and experience the world, you’ll be making the best memories of your life, learning more that you would ever expect. Don’t let this amazing opportunity slip by!!

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